Regardless of the occasion, events always lead to quite a bit of waste, which generally means seeking help from commercial cleaning services. For organizations small and large, maintaining a clean environment before, during, and after events is vital. However, not all of these specific timeframes are managed the same way.

When it comes to post-event cleanup, cleaning crews are out in full force to be as effective and efficient as possible. This article will highlight industry best practices for post-event cleanup for venues of all kinds.

Preparing a Cleaning Plan

Venues come in all shapes and sizes and host an endless variety of events, and this can demand a unique cleaning plan of action. Event planners and commercial janitorial services should have a collaborative relationship from the start.

Discussing the layout of the venue, the expected number of patrons, and targeting the high-traffic areas are crucial focal points. This is merely discussing the pre-cleanup preparation and what’s to be expected throughout the event, as well as after the fact.

Considering the areas that may require the most work is crucial. Examples of these potentially problematic areas include the following:

  • Drink stations
  • Bathrooms
  • Food stations
  • Seating areas
  • Dance floors 
  • Stages
  • And more

This list can become quite extensive depending on the facility in question. However, effective and experienced commercial cleaning systems should be able to adapt to essentially any venue. 

Although cleaning is in the hands of the experts, it’s equally important to educate and train venue staff members on basic cleanliness and hygiene safety protocols before the event. Maintaining a clean environment during the course of the event is always to be expected, but managing post-event cleanup requires a unique approach of its own.

Post-Event Cleanup Procedures

The scale of cleanup required after an event can be daunting, to say the least. To get the ball rolling, you want to start with the areas that demand immediate attention first. Aside from physical trash, liquids can be relatively problematic if left unattended. Nevertheless, a full assessment of the entire venue should come first before tasks are delegated.

1. Prioritization

It's inevitable that high-traffic areas will incur the most amount of trash or waste-related damage. From debris to spills to stains that seem to be a bit too stubborn, these should all come first before moving to the next steps.

2. Separation

While time efficiency is undoubtedly important to commercial cleaning companies, the same should be said about being eco-conscious. During the post-event cleanup process, the crew should also actively work to separate general trash items from recyclables.

3. Disposal

Easily one of the most sensitive aspects of commercial cleaning as a whole, appropriate disposal methods are a must. This includes placing general trash, recycling, and any special waste in their respective areas. Requirements in this realm can vary depending on the venue and scope of local regulations. For everyone’s safety, PPE should be utilized at all times.

These points are valid regardless of the type of venue or event being held. In reality, deep cleaning should be included in this conversation, and this involves an entirely different set of actions and focus areas. The aim is to return the venue to its original condition and, hopefully, better shape than it was prior.

As you might expect, deep cleaning can be the most extensive, time-consuming part of post-event cleanup. This makes having a plan all the more important, and it's vital that cleaning takes place in a particular order. In most cases, the floor tends to be the biggest challenge. Between common foot traffic, dropped trash and liquids, and any other kind of minor debris, there's quite a bit of work to be done in deep cleaning.

Diving Into Deep Cleaning Best Practices

You will find many reasons associated with the necessity of deep cleaning after an event. It’s true that larger venues can pose bigger challenges, but through implementing strategic best practices, any commercial venue can be cleaned with efficacy.

Professional cleaning equipment such as industrial vacuums or steam cleaners should be used on various floor surfaces. This is more than effective for clearing dirt, stains, grime, and any allergens that may be lingering. It's also important to question the type of floor that you're working with. Common hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl, and tile generally require the appropriate chemical solutions to be effective and avoid damage.

Being this thorough leads to a venue that looks perfect on the surface and offers an inviting scent and feel to the room. Another reason deep cleaning is so important is that commercial venues are no stranger to back-to-back events. 

When one ends, it usually isn’t long before another one begins. Before any transition or setup can be done to the venue, it should always go through a deep cleaning first. When time isn’t on your side, working with experienced commercial cleaning services is your best shot at consistent results.

Working with the experts

To achieve the results, best practices, and specific systems mentioned in this article, it requires working with those who have been there and done that. Cleaning in itself may seem relatively straightforward, but the level of quality, consistency, and professionalism needed for commercial venues can’t be accomplished with just anyone.

It's more than just having enough hands to get the job done; it also demands an eye for cleanliness and the ability to adapt to the unexpected. Even if you have a timeline in place for cleaning procedures, it doesn't take much to extend that timeline at a moment's notice.

We pride ourselves on commercial cleaning Atlanta can rely on, and this includes all of the venues that need to look their best on a daily basis. Whether your venue is small or large, utilizing thorough commercial cleaning services is essential to the long-term success of your establishment. If you'd like more guidance on how to keep your venue in the best shape possible, our experts are just a click away.