Professional cleaners and cleaning products play a huge part in society. Every aspect of the environment requires regular sanitation, and chemical agents have sufficed in the past. While these substances have been useful, they pose severe health threats, such as eye and throat irritation, asthma, skin rashes, and respiratory problems.

It should come as no surprise, then, that green cleaning services (a healthier and more sustainable alternative to chemical sanitation) have recently gained popularity. Unlike conventional cleaning, green products contain zero chemicals, so they are not harmful to the environment. This article shares insights on eco-friendly sanitary practices and their benefits for society at large.

What to Know About Green Cleaning

What Green Cleaning Is and Why It Matters

Green cleaning involves using non-toxic and environmentally friendly products to tidy up and maintain a space. These cleaning processes and products prevent the adverse effects of harmful disinfectants on human health and the environment.

For instance, in a 2018 research study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, scientists warned against the regular use of harsh chemicals as cleaning solutions. According to them, toxic cleaning agents have an effect on your lungs similar to smoking 20 cigarettes daily. Hence, many businesses and homeowners now opt for green cleaning services instead of chemical-based alternatives.

Identifying Potential Areas for Green Cleaning

As a facility or property manager in Georgia, before embarking on a green cleaning journey, you should understand the science behind chemical exposure during cleaning, how your staff interacts with your facilities, and how these cleaning chemicals can affect body systems. A good green cleaning service or program can help protect your staff’s health and your facility’s environment and atmosphere.

Inspect your facility to identify potential areas for green cleaning. This includes evaluating the types of surfaces, foot traffic, and cleaning challenges specific to your facility. Kitchens, cafeterias, bathrooms, and offices are common areas that most likely require green cleaning due to the high traffic and potential exposure to cleaning agents.

Establishing a Green Cleaning Program

Even if the concept of green cleaning is new to you, establishing a green cleaning program should not be hard. Moreover, you could hire a green facility cleaning service provider and eliminate all the hassles of complying with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regulations.

To effectively transition to a full green cleaning program, you will need careful planning. You should create a comprehensive cleaning schedule that covers all areas, considering factors like peak cleaning times and your specific cleaning needs. Do market research for certified green cleaning products and equipment that meet EPA or industry standards for effectiveness and sustainability. 

You can use the EPA’s online search tool that helps consumers and purchasers find Safer Choice and DfE-certified products. Another way to ensure the success of a green cleaning program is to train your staff on using proper green cleaning techniques or practices.

What Are the Benefits of Green Cleaning for Your Facility?

Green cleaning products are called “eco-friendly” for a reason. Here are some of the benefits of using green cleaning for your facility:

  • Breath of Fresh Air: There is a refreshing feeling that comes with using green cleaning products. Because green cleaning products release fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds), indoor air quality is better. This contributes to a healthier and more comfortable working environment.
  • Reduced Health Risks: Green cleaning minimizes the risks of allergic reactions, respiratory issues like asthma, skin irritations, or exposure to radioactive elements that can cause cancer that are typical of common chemical cleaning products.
  • Greener Environment: Materials used to produce or package these green products are non-toxic and can decay when thrown into the environment. These contribute to reducing water and soil pollution in your facility’s atmosphere and beyond.
  • Devotion to Sustainability: You can enhance your brand reputation by embracing green cleaning. This showcases your commitment to sustainability. It also appeals to stakeholders or customers who understand the perks of using eco-friendly products and maintaining environmental consciousness. 
  • Excellent Long-Term Return on Investment (ROI): Although hiring a green cleaning service might seem costly right now, consider their long-term returns. At the end of the day, green cleaning mitigates your fear of health complications from using cleaning chemicals. You’ll see enhanced productivity from your staff, and your environment will be toxin-free.

Understanding the Primary Goals of Green Cleaning 

Green cleaning is an innovative cleaning practice that has come to stay, and there are some primary objectives that a green cleaning service should strive to achieve. The primary goals of green cleaning are to protect human health and reduce the carbon footprint caused by cleaning chemicals.

In regard to protecting human health, green cleaning aims to create a hygienic environment without compromising the health and well-being of the occupants of your facility. Additionally, by choosing eco-friendly products and techniques for cleaning your facility, you play a role in reducing your carbon footprint and resource consumption. This minimizes the environmental impact of chemicals that can affect our ecosystem.

Why Choose Georgia Facility Services? 

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