Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, retail stores have modified their operations to not only focus on online patronage but also to attract walk-in customers. In 2022 alone, the US retail industry recorded $27 trillion in sales revenue, with a $30 trillion projection for 2024.

These mouthwatering figures are enticing, and your competitors are working hard to get their fair share of sales. So, the big question is, how can commercial cleaners help your bottom line? Well, research shows that 99% of customers are unwilling to return to retail stores with poor hygiene.

With such an alarming churn rate, the store’s overall revenue will gradually dwindle to zero. In this article, we’ll show you how exactly retail store cleaning services can help you avoid such issues and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Seven Ways Retail Cleaning Services Can Improve Your Bottom Line

1. Improved Morale

Many people worldwide dislike their jobs for a variety of reasons. Some simply can't stand their bosses, while others dislike how dirty the workplace feels. Unfortunately, many retail stores fail to invest in cleanliness, mainly because they don't understand how it affects their business.

The International Sanitary Supply Association conducted a research study to determine the correlation between unclean workplaces and workers' productivity. The study, involving 1,481 participants, showed that 88% of workers feel unmotivated when working in cluttered environments. 

In a different study, 94% of employees said that a healthy and hygienic working environment is a major source of happiness for them. A direct implication of these findings is that workers in dirty retail stores will suffer undue stress as a result of the dirty workspaces they have to endure each time they come to work.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity to improve your workers’ welfare and how much revenue they bring to the company. The fact is that a distressed retail worker won't go the extra mile to convince a potential customer to buy. 

For such a worker, every day at work is a slog they want to end. And if it continues, they may eventually quit. Yes, you may hire new workers, but the cycle will continue as long as you've failed to address the root cause of the problem.

Commercial cleaning service providers, like Georgia Facility Services, are trained to handle all sorts of cleaning needs tailored to each industry and retail store. So whether it’s allergy-causing dirt or annoying stains, they will do what is necessary to ensure your workers stay motivated and productive every day.

2. Fewer Injuries/Incidents

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 6,000 workers die daily from workplace accidents and diseases, bringing the tally to 2.3 million annually. Indeed, this figure is heartbreaking.

Apart from the sorrow that concerned companies, family, friends, and loved ones have to face, there are also financial losses and legal actions that come with it. 

Commercial cleaning services for retail stores won't magically make your business environment accident-free, but they will drastically reduce the likelihood. And suppose everyone observes the best safety practices. In that case, you can rest assured that you've done a lot to protect your workers and customers from potential incidents and injuries.

3. Customer Satisfaction 

Another reason you should search for "commercial cleaning services near me" is to offer your customers maximum satisfaction, which eventually translates to a plentiful bottom line. Customer satisfaction refers to how well your company's services, products, and customer experience meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Customer satisfaction and cleanliness are so related that 64% of customers will choose a competitor over your retail store if it's dirty and cluttered. If you're running a restaurant retail business, you probably won’t get a second chance to get it right, as 77% of your customers will never return if they observe that your business has poor hygiene.

This poor customer satisfaction rating will not only plummet your revenue but will also leave a dent in your retail store’s reputation. Taking a proactive approach by hiring a reputable commercial cleaning company can save you from the customer satisfaction dilemma.

4. Improved Word of Mouth Advocacy 

Do you know that one of the best ways to grow your business is through recommendations from satisfied customers? It's one thing for your retail store to offer great prices, and it's another thing to offer an amazing experience that will cause your customers to invite their friends and family to shop with you.

In fact, if your customers are satisfied with your store’s neatness and cleanliness, in addition to amazing customer service, 96% of them will become your loyal customers and ask their friends to patronize you. No one wants to shop in a store with dusty surfaces and smelly cabinets.

A dirty location is a huge turn-off that drives people away. That's why it's advisable to allow your employees to focus on customer management while you use cleaning services for retail stores to do the dirty work. At the end of the day, it's more money for your business.

5. Health and Safety

Let's reflect once more on the painful COVID-19 era and glean a lesson or two from it. The default instinct of humans is to survive before anything else. When news of the virus broke out, panic buying set in because everyone rushed to get essential supplies to last them for a while and avoid unnecessary human interaction that could lead to contamination.

So what happened to other commodities, like fashion items, that were not considered essential? Well, within a few months of the pandemic, clothing sales declined by 79%. Other non-essential industries experienced losses, too. What does that tell you about people?

On the surface, it shows that people prioritize their health above everything else. Hence, if your workers and customers are ever forced to choose between their health and your retail store's products and services, they will go for their health.

This analogy gives us insight into buyers' psychology and why you should do all you can to improve health and safety in your retail store. When you hire retail store cleaning services, you've taken a bold step towards making your business safe for everyone who walks through the door.

Moreover, professional cleaning companies are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified and will use the best practices to prevent accidents and disease outbreaks in your retail store. The result is more customers and improved revenue.

6. Cost Savings

Another way commercial cleaners can help your bottom line is to reduce your overall operational costs. One of the things that siphons money from retail stores is intermittent repairs and equipment replacements. Sometimes, it's as serious as the structural repair of the facility. These things often occur due to a lack of routine cleaning practices.

Apart from daily cleaning, retail store cleaning services conduct scheduled deep cleaning exercises, thoroughly examining your property to ensure that your facility is in perfect condition. During this process, professional cleaners can identify water leakage, cracks on walls, and other issues that could cause financial losses if discovered later.

Retail businesses also cut costs by investing in the right cleaning products and supplies. Renowned commercial cleaning companies like Georgia Facility Services give clients the option of purchasing their own cleaning supplies and equipment or paying for a full service that includes cleaning products, trained cleaners, and standard commercial cleaning equipment. Retail stores that trust the cleaning pros to handle everything save more money than others. Professional cleaners know how to get the best results at a low cost. So, you don't have to worry about buying cleaning supplies and facing the likelihood of them being misused by your workers.

Generally, retail stores that switch to commercial cleaning services testify that the initial fee to get started and the monthly recurring fees, depending on the service agreement, are far cheaper in the long run than a DIY approach.

7. Prevents Regulatory Consequences

Every country has an arm of the government responsible for enforcing workplace cleanliness. In the US, it's the Department of Labor. Essentially, you must maintain a standard of hygiene in your retail store to avoid consequences from these agencies.

When you don't meet this standard and any law-abiding citizen calls the authorities on you, your retail store could face closure or heavy fines of up to $70,000, depending on the severity of the issue. In some cases, you as the owner may face a jail sentence. Employing the services of a commercial cleaning company can be of immense benefit to you, because they also offer cleanliness consultancy services to help you avoid regulatory problems.

Cleanliness is an essential venture you must invest in for the betterment of your business and your people. Taking a proactive approach, such as employing reputable retail store cleaning services, has many benefits that will greatly improve your business's bottom line.

With almost two decades of experience and a host of trained professionals, Georgia Facility Services is the best company to handle all your cleaning needs. Regardless of how small or big your retail business may be, you can rest assured that we've got you covered. Send us an inquiry now to get started.