Due to the increasing cost of living, among other factors, employee turnover for businesses is incredibly high as more people try to upscale and find better job alternatives. As a result, retention in the workplace is now a big deal, and understandably so.

For a business specializing in commercial cleaning services, you're doing something right if you can hold down your prized staff. But if you’re dealing with a labor shortage and have hired some good hands and want to keep them, you must take employee retention seriously. Let’s look at what this high retention in the workplace says about your business. 

What Is the Turnover Rate for Cleaning Companies?

Industry experts place the average annual turnover rate at around 45%, with commercial cleaning services taking up the bulk of that percentage. We can make many guesses as to why the numbers are that high, but according to UCLA researchers, here are some common issues in the commercial cleaning services industry:

  • 62% of cleaning staff are classified as low-income earners
  • 32% of female cleaning staff report harassment at work
  • Only about 50% of full-time cleaning staff have health insurance provided by their employers

From all these factors, we can see why many cleaning staff tend to hop from one employer to another. So, when you type commercial cleaning services near me in your search engine, you may have a hard time finding a good list of vendors to pick from.

Implications of a High Retention Rate

High turnover among commercial cleaning services staff will, in most cases, lead to low-quality cleaning and inconsistent work. Nonetheless, that a commercial cleaning company can hold down its team consistently doesn't necessarily mean it’s a good company to work with. Here are some implications of a high retention rate in a commercial cleaning company. 

1. The Company Treats Employees Well

When you see high retention in a cleaning company, chances are that the owner(s) treat their staff well. This may be through paying better wages and benefits or fostering a positive work environment. A team that feels valued is most likely to stick to one employer, resulting in high retention. This then translates to a stable and happy workforce that will deliver work on time and thoroughly.

2. The Company Has Strong Processes

A well-structured operating system is often a clear indication that things are going well with a commercial cleaning company. These processes involve everything they do in the workplace each calendar day, whether on-site or remotely.

3. The Company Has a Well-Trained, Competent Staff

It’s a popular saying that consistency breeds competence, and with commercial cleaning services, this statement rings true. If your commercial cleaning company has staff that have been there from the beginning or for a long time, chances are they are competent and have become skilled over time from practice. 

4. The Company Is Financially Successful

Trust us when we say that high retention rates go hand in hand with financial success. When your employees are happy to stay and work for you, you save a lot of money on recruiting and training new staff. 

5. The Company Is Reliable/Trustworthy

One more thing that consistency builds is trust. When clients see the same set of faces over and over again, they can feel relaxed and trust that the service will be good, as always. This is because your consistent staff has likely set a standard, and seeing new faces all the time will cause clients to develop cold feet.

Be a Part of the Georgia Facility Services Success Story

We pride ourselves on running a tight ship at Georgia Facility Services. All our employees enjoy a standard living wage that keeps them happy, and this effect is seen in the high retention in the workplace (95% workforce retention) and the quality of work that they deliver. Ours is a cleaning service you can trust for all your commercial needs. If you want to experience our amazing services, send an inquiry today!